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  On October 29th, Professor Tim Green from Imperial College London, An’ Ting from Smart Grid Research Institute of State Grid Corporation (expert of Thousands of People Plan), Joanne Hu, secretary of CIGRE B4(HVDC and Power Electronics Committee of International Council on Large Electric systems), together with others, were invited by ZHAO Chengyong, academic leader of DC Transmission and Power Quality Assurance Research Group in State Key Laboratory of Alternate Electrical Power System with Renewable Energy Sources, to visit laboratory and organize academic seminar.


  At 3 pm, all attendees had a warm communication with three experts in the conference room. The seminar was charged by Professor ZHAO Chengyong. Firstly, ZHAO Chengyong briefly introduced three guests and Lecturer GUO Chunyi introduced the general situations and research achievement of their team. Then Professor Green introduced the general situation of Imperial College London, the current energy structure of Britain, the interconnection between high voltage DC transmission system and wind power plant, as well as his own thoughts on the future development of HVDC.


  Besides, a discussion about the problems encountered during the research was launched, such as the equivalent modeling of large scale wind farm. Still, Miss Hu shared her abundant practical engineering experience, including how to verify the validity of the model and the difference between practical engineering model and academic research model in Colleges and Universities, etc.

  Professor ZHAO Chengyong and Lecturer GUO Chunyi also introduced the recent academic research of their team. Professor ZHAO introduced a new MMC topology with self-balancing capacity while Lecturer GUO clarified the latest development of hybrid DC transmission research and showed their work on physical model. The guests rather admired the new types of topology, whose topology principle, parameter selection and economic efficiency were further discussed in detail.


  Finally, Professor ZHAO made a conclusion for the three-hour seminar. After seminar, three guests and DC transmission group posed for photographs, both looking forward to further more academic exchange.


  Professor Tim Green, deputy director of Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in Imperial College London. His research interests include DC transmission, flexible AC transmission system equipment and control, distributed renewable energy power generation access and control, etc.

  An’ Ting, female, Doctor of Engineering, expert of “Thousands of People Plan”, she is the current chief expert of the design of intelligent equipment system in Smart Grid Research Institute of State Grid Corporation of China. Doctor An’ Ting has long engaged in the planning, modeling, simulation, analysis, design and research work of electric and power electronic systems and equipment in international famous enterprises. She is accomplished in advanced DC power grid technology, gird integration of renewable energy generation and power grid modeling and control. Still, she has abundant theoretical and practical experience in terms of high voltage DC transmission and modeling and simulation analysis in DC grid system.

  Joanne Hu, works as partner for RBJ Engineering Corporation, a Canadian consulting firm, also Secretary of CIGRE B4. She has been involved in the field of control, modeling, simulation of HVDC and FACTS and technical consulting work related to power system, owning 18 years of extensive research experience in the field.