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  On October 21th, Georgios Demetriades, Regional Manager of Power Electronics Service in ABB (Asea Brown Boveri Ltd) Group Global, Doctor LIU Qianjin, General Manager of ABB China Research Institute, Doctor River-Tinho Li, Manager of Power Electronics Service in ABB China, Doctor MENG Jinlei, Doctor YANG Xiaobo, together with others, were invited by Professor ZHAO Chengyong to carry on academic exchanges.



  During the visit, ABB China Research Institute had remarkable academic exchanges with Professor ZHAO. Lecturer GUO Chunyi briefly introduced the general situations and research achievement of the HVDC team. Teachers and PHD students of Professor ZHAO’s team then introduced their recent academic research on FACTS and DC grid. They had warm discussion about the problem related to DC transmission.



  Afterwards, Professor ZHAO and his team showed ABB delegation around High Voltage and High Current Power Conversion Experimental Hall. They demonstrated and explained the related experimental equipment combined with the academic research made by graduate students of the team, making the atmosphere merry and alive.


  ABB China Research Institute was founded in 2005, one of the seven research institutes of ABB Group, which has been working on fields of application of power transmission and distribution, electrical power equipment, excellent operation management, mechanotronics and robot automation. This academic exchange offered great opportunity for all teachers and students to have a comprehensive understanding of the DC transmission, broadening their horizon.