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Dr. Ding Tao of Xi’an Jiaotong University delivers an academic report
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On November 5, 2019, at the invitation of Professor Zhang Haibo, Dr. Ding Tao, senior member of IEEE and associate professor of Xi’an Jiaotong University, held an academic report meeting in the academic report hall of State Key Laboratory of Alternate Electrical power system with Renewable Energy Sources (NCEPU). Associate Professor Ding Tao graduated from Southeast University with bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. In 2015, he graduated from the Department of electrical engineering of Tsinghua University with doctor’s degree. At present, his main research direction is economic operation and optimal dispatching of new energy power system. The theme of this academic report is peak shaving and market mechanism of new energy power system. The report is so popular that all seats are occupied.


The academic report was presided over by Professor Zhang Haibo, who introduced the main academic achievements of Associate Professor Ding Tao. Associate Professor Ding Tao presided over 6 national and provincial vertical projects, including 2 national key R & D projects, one key fund, and over 5 horizontal projects. He has published 79 SCI papers (including 49 IEEE Trans. Papers), 4 papers (the best paper award at home and abroad), 2 monographs, 1 translation and has got 1428 citations by Google Scholar, 2 highly cited papers by ESI, special support from China Postdoctoral fund and Shaanxi “1000 young people” project, etc. Currently, he is the associate editor of CSEE JPES and IET Generation Transmission & distribution.

The report introduces the current flexible peak shaving resources and market mechanism design of new energy consumption. From the perspective of “source-network-load” collaborative optimization and multi energy coupling interconnection, the resources such as combined cycle unit, cogeneration unit, water fire coordinated dispatching, comprehensive energy demand side response, energy storage, HVDC, interconnected power system are modeled respectively, and the corresponding optimization model is established.


Secondly, the report introduced the new multi-stage stochastic optimal scheduling theory and multi-stage decomposition coordination optimization algorithm, so as to adapt to large-scale multi scenario stochastic optimal scheduling. Finally, taking the actual northwest region as an example, this report introduced that at present, the concept and thinking of power market design in Northwest China is to absorb renewable energy.

After the academic report, Associate Professor Ding Tao answered the questions raised by the teachers and students, and took a group photo. During the exchange, Associate Professor Ding Tao and Professor Zhang Haibo’s research group also discussed the following issues related to the in-depth cooperation between the two sides.