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Professor Joe H.Chow --- Academician of American Academy of Engineering, Visited and Made An Academic Communication
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At the invitation of Professor Bi Tianshu (Deputy Director of the Laboratory and Dean of the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering), Professor Joe H.Chow (Academician of the American Academy of Engineering, IEEE Fellow, School of Electronic and Computer Systems Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) visited NCEPU from May 6 to May 15 and conducted academic communication with Professor Chow as an expert in the“111”Program for Intellectual Introduction. This visit mainly conducted in-depth academic communication on the cooperative topics of new energy power system modeling, fault characteristics and dynamic phase measurement.

On May 6, Professor Chow first visited Laboratory of Full-View Synchronized Measurement System and its Application, and gave many useful suggestions for the construction and future development of the laboratory. After that, Professor Chow made an in-depth discussion on the key issues of power system protection under the penetration of full-view synchronized measurement system and high proportion power electronic devices in power electronics power system. In addition, Professor Chow and Professor Bi Tianshu (Dean of the College of Electrical and Electronic Engineering) had friendly talks on the cooperation and communication in postgraduate training and laboratory construction.


On May 7, including the analysis and application of synchronous phasor data and the control of high-proportion new energy power system, Professor Chow introduced the research direction and progress of the power system control team of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He also welcomed teachers and students of NCEPU to visit and study.


On May 9, Professor Chow gave an academic report entitled “Control Equipment Performance Monitoring using Synchrophasor Ambient and Disturbance Data” in A322. The academic conference, chaired by Professor Bi Tianshu, attracted many PhD, Master and overseas students. Professor Zhou Zukang first introduced the development of synchronous phasor measurement in the United States and various applications of power system based on it. Then he described in detail how to use Signal Processing Method Based on Empirical local mean decomposition (LMD) to obtain system voltage and frequency from measurement data and to warn them. At the end of the report, teachers and students asked the speaker questions about signal decomposition and control links, and we had more in-depth exchanges. Professor Chow patiently responded to the students’ questions, provided students with the direction of solving problems, and provided broad research ideas.