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Professor Xu Lie of the University of Strathclyde visited LAPS and gave an academic report
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At the invitation of the researchers of our laboratory, Professor Xu Lie, Director of the Institute of Power Electronics, Driving and Energy Conversion (PEDEC) of the University of Strathclyde, UK, visited LAPS from April 1 to April 2. This visit was mainly aimed at developing in-depth academic exchanges and cooperation on the cooperative issues of hybrid HVDC transmission for grid-connected new energy.

On April 1, Professor Xu Lie first visited the laboratory of distributed energy storage and Microgrid under construction in the Department of Electrical Engineering. Professor Xu Lie was also invited to be a member of the Academic Committee of the laboratory. He gave many useful suggestions on the construction and future development of the laboratory. After that, Professor Xu Lie and the physical simulation team of the alternate electric power system had in depth discussions on the key issues of the power electronic power system. In addition, Professor Xu Lie and Professor Liu Yunpeng, vice dean of the Department of Electrical Engineering, and Professor Xu Yan, deputy director, had friendly talks on future cooperation and exchanges in postgraduate training and laboratory construction.

On the morning of April 2, Professor Xu Lie gave an academic report entitled "AC and DC Fault Ride Through of HVDC Connected Offshore Wind Farms". Professor Xu Lie first introduced the latest development of offshore wind power in Europe, and then described in detail the control and protection technology of offshore wind farms connected by hybrid direct current transmission (HVDC) in cooperation with the European Union, especially the in-depth analysis of Fault-Crossing control strategies under AC and DC side disturbances. In addition, Professor Xu Lie introduced the specific situation of Strathclyde University and PEDEC Laboratory.