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Academician Liu Jizhen attends Boao Forum for Asia subforum "Energy Integration and Development to Build a Green World"
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The Boao Forum for Asia (BFA)Annual Conference 2022 was launched on April 20.ProfessorLIU Jizhen, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Director of State Key Laboratory of Alternate Electrical Power System with Renewable Energy Sources attended the sub-forumthemed "Energy Integration and Development to Build a Green World". He discussed the development path and future for the energy field together with LI Baodong, Secretary General of Boao Forum for Asia; SONG Hailiang, Chairman of China Energy Engineering Group; XIANG Haiping, Chief Engineer of National Energy Administration; HU Jianhua, General Manager of China Merchants Group; PANG Xiaogang, Deputy General Manager of State Grid; Ali Obaid al-DHAHERI, Ambassador of UAE to China; and Joël RUET, Chairman of the French Bridge Tank.

Professor Liu pointed out in his speech that the energy revolution is an arduous, complicatedtask that may require long-term dedication. This requires the careful balance between carbon reduction, decarbonization and economic development.For the present and the foreseable future,cleaner fossil fuel, scalable clean energy, and diversified energy portfolio will be the main path for energy development. The convergence of alternative energy with traditional energy sourceswill be a gradual process, with the former slowly overtaking the latter as the predominant form, and thereby achieving carbon neutrality.

Professor Liu put forward three main technology focus for energy integration. First, using different energy sources to complement each other: We should give full play to the respective advantages of traditional and alternative energy to form an integrated power source that is stable, reliable and safe for household and commercial use.

Second, technology and market driven energy supply and demand: For example, the electricity price includes TOU and tiered prices. Time-based pricing can better match demand with supply to achieve a greater balance.

Third, leverage information technology to integrate energy flow, information flow, and value flow.

“Green and Low-carbon” development has become an international consensus for sustainable development, there are more than 130 countries and regions around the world that have announced their plans for "carbon neutrality" in response toclimate change. For China, “Green and Low-carbon” concepts and initiatives have gradually implemented into practice and action, ever since China announcedits goal of achieving peak emissions and carbon neutrality.

This thematic sub-forum focuses on sustainable development and building a green world together. Panelists discussed green energy integration, energy complementation, digital energy innovation, and the coordinated development between energy and other industries, such as building, transportation,and industry.


复审:张 洪