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Dr. Zhao Yanpu Came to LAPS for Academic Exchange
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On April 26, Dr. Zhao Yanpu from ANSYS company came to LAPS for academic exchange and made a report titled "low-frequency Stable Maxwell Solvers based on Magnetic Vector Potential", which was widely discussed with teachers and students in the laboratory. The symposium was hosted by professor Lu Tiebing and attracted more than 20 doctoral students, master degree students and many international students from the institute of electromagnetism.


Dr. Zhao Yanpu take a group photo with professor Lu tiebing and professor Lu binxian

Dr Zhao Yanpu gave a one-hour special lecture. Dr Zhao Yanpu firstly introduced his studying experience and the basic situation of his own company --- ANSYS. Then analyzed the typical eddy current field calculation according to the research and experience of Maxwell's equations’ solving in recent years. Introduced that the team proposed a new method in coil inductance calculation, and shared the classic problem of the eddy current field and electromagnetic field calculation. As the traditional low-frequency solver does not take displacement current into account, Dr. Zhao Yanpu introduced the latest achievements of his team in the field of low-frequency Maxwell equations, proposed a new low-frequency calculation method, and gave the calculation results of several examples based on the new calculation method.


After the report, teachers and students asked the reporter questions about field-path coupling, time-domain and frequency-domain calculation, ANSYS grid generation and other issues, and we had a more in-depth exchange. Dr. Zhao Yanpu patiently responded to students' questions, provided them with directions to solve problems and broad research ideas. This lecture is of great benefit to the students who study electromagnetic field calculation and will be helpful in their future research.