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Professor Li and his team have published their latest research in《Nature Energy》
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The work of professor Li's team, “ Planar p-n homojunction perovskite solar cells with efficiency   exceeding 21.3% ” (DOI: 10.1038 / s41560-018-0324-8 (https://rdcu.be/bj4EZ)), has been published online by Nature Energy, an international elite academic journal, on February 5. Professor Li is the only corresponding author, and doctoral students Peng Cui and Dong Wei are the co-first authors. Our Lab is the first completion unit and corresponding unit. This marks a breakthrough for our researchers to publish research papers in the top journals of Nature, and makes important progress in the field of basic energy research.

Professor Li’s team first proposed and constructed the perovskite p-n homogeneous structure, and through the cross section of the testing technology such as KPFM, proved the formation of built-in electric field in the perovskite homojunction, the further application to the planar perovskite solar cells promotes the directional transmission of carriers, reduces the carrier recombination, and achieves outstanding photoelectric conversion efficiency (more than 21.3%). This work has made important contributions to the further development of perovskite solar cells and greatly expanded the application of perovskite materials in different fields other than solar cells. The research work is supported by the major research program of the national natural science foundation of China, the 863 program, the joint fund of the ministry of education, the Beijing science and technology program and the funds of central universities.


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