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Chairman of ETIP wind Executive Committee Aidan Cronin Delivered Report during Visit
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On October 23, 2019, Aidan Cronin, chairman of the Executive Committee of ETIP wind, gave a keynote lecture entitled “the global challenge of delivering large scale wind power” in the lecture hall of State Key laboratory. The participants include Professor David infield of The University of Ryder Clyde; Professor Han Mingxiao and Wang Wei of the school of electrical & electronic engineering; Professor Liu Yongqian, Associate Professor Ge Mingwei and Professor Yan Jie of the school of Renewable Energy; deputy general manager yuan Ling of Guodian United Power Technology Co., Ltd.; doctoral students, postgraduate students and international students from the school of electrical & electronic engineering and the school of Renewable Energy. The lecture was presided over by Professor Liu Yongqian. During the two-hour academic exchange, chairman Aidan Cronin brought us a new lecture with humorous language and vivid metaphor.


Chairman Adrian Cronin mainly introduced three aspects: first, some basic introduction to ETIPs; second, the future development trend of energy market; third, the necessity of research and innovation. President Aidan Cronin first introduced ETIPs, the European wind energy technology and innovation platform, which is an industry-leading stakeholder forum recognized by the European Commission. The purpose of ETIPs is to promote energy innovation, knowledge dissemination and enhance European competitiveness. At the same time, to formulate research and innovation agenda and action road map at EU and national level, such as Strategic research and innovation agenda, wind power digitalization of 2016 and 2018 , etc.

President Aidan Cronin then introduced the future development trend of new energy market. There is no doubt that the development of new energy is the general trend, and its development will certainly have a certain impact on the development of fossil energy. Chairman Aidan Cronin said: “wind and solar energy will account for 50% of the world’s electricity by 2050, which will help the power industry to embark on a path suitable for limiting global temperature rise in the next 10 years.” Finally, chairman Aidan Cronin introduced the necessity of wind power innovation research. On the one hand, wind power integration needs innovative research. As we all know, because of the random fluctuation, uncertainty of wind speed and other factors, there have been some problems in wind power grid connection, so the grid has not been satisfied with wind power. However, through some technological research and innovation, wind power and power grid can coexist harmoniously and jointly construct a green and friendly new power grid environment; on the other hand, the operation, maintenance and intelligent wind power of wind turbines also need the development of innovative research. In addition, wind power digitalization also faces some problems, such as data contradiction, network security, information disappearance, power failure and so on. But through the research on the development of innovation, we believe that these problems can be avoided and reduced.

After the report by President Aidan Cronin, Mr. Yan Jie from the school of renewable energy, Professor Han Mingxiao and Mr. Wang Wei from the school of electrical & electronic engineering delivered speeches respectively. Yan introduced the main research contents of wind and power engineering laboratory, including the prediction of wind speed and power, wake, etc.; Wang introduced the detection of high-voltage power and cable; Han introduced the development of flexible power technology, and briefly explained some research activities and achievements of the laboratory. At the same time, Mr. Han also introduced some representative projects of renewable energy power generation and grid connected power generation, such as the basic research national key project of 100kW Solar Grid Connected Inverter DGs, which meet the development standard of distribution controller, the research of distributed photovoltaic power model and grid connected, the analysis of the impact of Shantou wind power grid connected, etc.


After the meeting, chairman Aidan Cronin and several professors had in-depth discussions and exchanges on energy development, micro grid and other issues, and answered the questions of the students. Just two hours of academic exchange activities have brought more cutting-edge information in this field to the students studying new energy, solved the confusion, expanded vision and benefited a lot in this face-to-face exchange, .

Aidan Cronin, born in Ireland in 1962, received his bachelor’s degree from the Business School of University College Cork in 1982 and his master’s degree in foreign trade from Aarhus business school in Denmark in 1987. At present, he is a technical consultant and consultant expert of Gamesa Renewable Energy, chairman of the Executive Committee of ETIPWind, and once served as the people responsible for business development, customer relationship management and analyst of Vestas Wind Systems A/S in Denmark.